APPLICATION FORM Name: Jonalyn Narvaza Age: 30 Gender: female Location: bani pangasinan Nationality: filipino How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie?:6 to 12 hours, i am willing to work for it full time Connection: wifi/data Gaming Experience: ml, coc, cod Anything else about yourself?I am a mother of two children, my husband is a vendor, i love to explore new things that's why i want to explore the wold of axie infinity, i am dedicated and hardworking whatever i am doing - I know how the game works because i have a close friends playing this game and i watch tutorials in youtube and live streaming - I have a stable internet connection -- I will not break your trust if you choose me as your scholar and I will follow the rules - Does not have problem when it comes to attitude - Always available in fact I can play all day -this will be a good opportunity to help my husband and my family financially needs I really hope that i get a chance to be part of this team and be one of your scholars,god bless and more power to you😊


Join Sigma! https://discord.gg/ZyMSVRC9


I can play this full time.


APPLICATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP: Name: Noel Patoc Age: 26 Gender: Male Address: Currently in Norway Country: Norway Nationality: FILIPINO FB Account: Noel Patoc Internet: data/wifi Device: iphone 11 Occupation: FREELANCE Online Games: -DOTA 1 (PC) -DOTA 2 (PC) -MOBILE LEGENDS (MOBILE) -8 BALL POOL (MOBILE) -clash of clans -rakion and etc. Average SLP Per Day: 150+ Q: Do you already have experience playing axie? A: No, But I do watch tutorials, live streams and my friends play. and i have experince by piloting my friend account Q: How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing axie? A: 6-8 hours. Q: How well do you know the Axie Game Mechanics? A: I have enough knowledge to start, I already know the basics and techniques to farm SLP. Q: Why should we choose you? A: I can get 150+ SLP per day, help your team to reach your goal. I'm looking for scholarship to help myself and my family. If you choose me it means everything to me, We can help each other to reach our goal. I promise that I will do my best to get the target quota everyday. Thank you!


try joining Sigma! https://discord.gg/ZyMSVRC9


Ok ma’am


Ok ma’am




Good day manager Im looking for a scholarship Name :Rebecca Cabando Age :32 yrs old Address :San Carlos City Neg. Occ. Philippines I will do my best to higher quota 150 /200 slp a day This is my opportunity to support my family because of pandemic. Still believing to choose me part of your team and one of your scholar.


Hi good day! Managers! I'm looking for scholarship program and be member of your team . I hope you'll give me a chance to work with you. just like what i said to work with you because i don't see this as a game, I saw this as opportunity to help my family and my manager. I have an expirience before. I can earn more or less 200 slp a day. Please direct message me i will response as soon as possible. Thank you and Godblesss.


Hi MANAGERS ! Name: Geraldine Aquino Age: 25 Gender: Female Location: San Isidro Nueva Ecija Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino FB Name: Geraldine Aquino Occupation: Sales lady Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Cellphone/Android phone Internet: Wifi and data Average SLP per day: 150-200 How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie: 10-14 hours Do you already have experience playing Axie Infinity: No, but I’m willing to learn Hobbies: playing games,cooking,playing kids How well do you know the Axie Game mechanics: I know it very well because I searched it on YouTube and watch it and my friends teach me how play it. Reason why should we choose you: I am hoping to be part of your team and to be one of your scholars because I want to earn money on my own to help my parents, I will do my best to reach your daily qouta so that you will not be disappointed, playing games and at the same time earning money is my dream, hoping to be one of your scholars! Godbless and more power ! ❤️❤️❤️


Pick me 🥺


Axie Infinity Scholar Name: Arvin C. Jarabe Age: 20 Location: Aparri, Cagayan Contact: 09455530959 Email: arvinjarabe@yahoo.com Games played: Dota2, Valorant, Leagues of Legends, PUBG, NBA2k, Mobile legends, Rules of Survival (All are played online) Why me?: Because I am a gamer and I know that I can play the game right and can play it for 6-8hrs a day and also reach the 100-150slp per day. *Trustworthy *Dedicated *Can Grind anytime *Approachable *Willing to learn I'll put my best to play the game. If ever I'll be selected


Hi po sa lahat gusto nyo ba maging scholar tulad ko? Sali na sa aming discord channel 5 invites lang ay may interview kana https://discord.gg/TveVfJet


Sir/Ma'am Manager I want to apply for a scholarship with you.I can give you the opportunity to play Axie Infinity. I also want to experienced when playing it, and be able to enter your team community.I will enter this game for to my daughter that,I want to give her a good future so that she can just finish her studies.She is still 5years old now,and to my family,I also want to help in this difficult time and we have even experienced the coming trial of this Pandemic.I hope I am one of your choices even on YouTube and my Neighbor friend,I have not learned how to play your Axie Infinity game.I will do everything so that you can be proud of me and I will do my best for you Sir/Ma'am Manager 🙏☺️❤️ Name: Almira Asopre Age:29 Gender:Female Civil Status:Single Nationality: Filipino Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Android Phone Internet:Data/Wifi


Managers, good day! I'm Greg Geremia from the Philippines, im working in a fastfood chain and looking for scholarship and income that support my Family. I'm looking for a scholarship to play Axie Infinity. If you choose me for one of your scholarships, it will be a great opportunity for me. I don't have a source of income, so I'm here hoping and willing to wait to help my family's daily expenses. Im a somuch hard working person sir im a good trust and believe in god🙏 When i was a child i play playstation manny games i play digimon,monster rauncher, and still playing pokemon now im a good player and challenging person.💪🔥 I will do my best to carry out my responsibilities and adhere to the rules and regulations. Please consider me as one. I am eager to learn and grow with your team, and I am willing and patient to wait. The team I prefer is Aqua Beast and Plant and I can grind 150-200 SLP per Day Thank you, and God bless you.


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A Blessed Evening manager, I was recommended by FAME as one of your potential scholars. I'm wrll aware of the tules and regulations given as well as the responsibilities as a scholar with the given axies and will assure you that I don't own any axies not participated on other scholatship program. I have some knowledge about the basic mechanics of the game, have no experience but I already done some research through YouTube on how to play the game . I'm eager and willing to learn under your umbrella. I need this scholarship to help my family needs, my tuition fees and rent. This may help me and my family ease the struggle financially in this kind of situation caused by the pandemic. I am hoping to be given a chance as a part of your team sir, Thank You, and God Bless.


Good Day Manager! Looking for scholarship Name:Christian Dimapasok Age:15 Gender:Male Location:Lipa City Batangas Civil Status:Single Nationality:Filipino Occupation:None Discord:christiandima14 Average SLP Per Day: 150/200 or more How many hours can you dedicate to playing axie: 8/12 hours or until the quota is met (150/200 slp). Do you already have experience playing axie infinity: knowledge only by watching several Youtube video. Gaming experience: clash of clans, mobile legends, gta, call of duty, rainbow, chess, sims,counter strike I'm hoping that you will choose me because i want to help my family even i am young age and i really want to earn money by my own and invest more to help other people who really needed. And i really loved grinding or farming in games like RPG and what more if i play axie infinity that includes play to earn or it gives you a real money.